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Founding texts


Towards a Charter of Interdependence

Main texts and proposals of the Collegium International since its creation in 2002.


CALL for Collegium International

Since 2002, statesmen and intellectuals, gathered at the invitation of the President of the Republic of Slovenia, Milan Kucan, have been reflecting on the consequences of the changes affecting our world and the ways of a profound transformation of relations. between human societies on a global scale. The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, by serving as a revealer, reinforced their conviction that there is an urgent need to respond to the disorders of the world ... > Read more about the Appeal

Finding of interdependence

Alerted by the serious dangers threatening the balance of the world and the future of humanity, the members of the International Collegium for Political and Scientific Ethics identify four main reasons for these dangers ... > Read the rest of the text


Universal Declaration of Interdependence

The Earth, home of humanity, constitutes a whole marked by interdependence ” (Preamble to the Rio Declaration, Earth Summit, 1992)

We, the peoples of the United Nations, recall:

Our attachment to the values of the United Nations Charter of June 26, 1945 and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of December 10, 1948, reaffirmed at the Vienna International Conference and incorporated into the Millennium Declaration ... > Read the rest of the Declaration


Draft Charter for World Governance

1. We have entered a new era - an era of global angst and worry, pressed by the brutal urgency of the now, and the need to act without delay. The hope of turning the tide cannot be rooted in traditional reflexes. The time has come for constructive provocations and the most daring about-faces against the usual order of things. This absolute imperative calls for radical change - and now. If it is urgent to alert, it is even more urgent to start ... > Read more about the project


Call for a united and responsible global governance

1. A "polycrisis".
We must face a conjunction of global crises that is unprecedented in history: depletion of natural resources, irreversible destruction of biodiversity, disruption of the global financial system, dehumanization of the international economic system, famines and shortages, pandemics virals, political disaggregation ... > Read more about the Appeal


Advocacy for a Charter of Interdependence

In these times known as the Anthropocene when Humanity is becoming a telluric force capable of influencing the future of Mother Earth (Pachamama), it should give itself the means to influence its own future. This is the ambition of the Charter of Interdependence proposed by the Collegium international ... > Read more about the Call

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